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Dissemination always seems to be the hardest word

Dissemination, knowledge translation, sharing evidence... some of the catch phrases used to describe communication of information. It's the logical and essential endpoint to research. It's also crucial in clinical settings. So why is it so darn difficult?

One of the best ways to disseminate evidence and information is through publication. However, there are many barriers to this process. Nurse Practitioner Open Journal ( has taken care of one of the most important aspects of publications. Access. If the group you are targeting to read your article don't have access to it, what's the point? By offering a journal where all articles are available on the internet, easily accessible to any viewer, NPOJ has taken away a major hurdle.

OK...but we aren't naive. Another MAJOR hurdle is writing the paper. The majority of NPs practice and have valuable insight into clinical issues. but many haven't written for publication and don't know where to start. NPOJ wants to help. If you have ideas that you want to share, but aren't sure how to pull them together in an article, send us an email at We'll connect you with other NPs who have similar interests and with a guide to help you to write a paper.If you'd like to be contacted to work on an article with another NP, register on the NPOJ website here:

Hope to hear from you soon with an article or idea!

Roberta Heale @robertaheale


Nurse Practitioner Open Journal

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