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Investigating NP Burnout

I've always been interested in NP practice issues, however, it wasn't until COVID hit that I turned my focus to NP Burnout.  I've looked at the literature, created Youtube videos (links below) and presented to NPs about what I've learned about NP burnout. 

Despite this, I still have questions about NP burnout: 

What is NP burnout? Is it the same as burnout for other health care providers? Can we measure NP burnout?

Until we answer this question, we won't have the right tools to assess NP burnout and to provide solutions to this ongoing issue. SO...putting on my researcher hat, I've implemented this study.  The first goal is to set up focus groups with practicing NPs in Canada to find out what they think NP burnout looks like.  

If you are interested in taking part in a focus group, please click on the link below that will take you to a consent form.  Once I receive your consent, I'll contact you with some dates/times and we'll figure out one that works for you. 

Not interested?  No worries!  I invite you to watch the videos and stay tuned to this website for updates about the NP Burnout research.

All the best in your practice!

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