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It's now December and I noticed my last blog was in March. That's what happens when the organization you work for becomes insolvent and the world continues to deal with a pandemic. Time and energy are spent on addressing survival tactics, rather than creative endeavours like blogs. However, I'm ready to start blogging again!

There have been some exciting developments during my absence. One is the launch of the inaugural issue of the Nurse Practitioner Open Journal. This is the only international, fully online, free NP journal. That's's free for authors (no membership fees, no subscriptions, no author publishing charges) and the articles are fully accessible online.

Nurse practitioners need this type of academic journal to disseminate the evidence that supports our practice and growth. We need to learn about each other's work and support NPs across the globe.

I was excited to have my research published in this journal, Theory of the Evolution of Nurse Practitioner Practice. I encourage all of you to consider submitting an article today!!

Roberta Heale @robertaheale

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